Gold, Forex signals targets achieved July 03, 2018

Gold signal

A good day for our comex gold signals subscribers. We asked them to buy xauusd today. It fired and our subscribers exited at target. Here is our trading calls on gold today.

Buy gold at 1246$ with stop loss of 1239$ for target of 1254$. Xauusd fired and our subscribers exited at 1254$. We made nearly 80 pips profit in this trade. We juiced approx $800 profit per lot in this trade.

Currently xauusd prices trading at 1256$, We mentioned support of 1237$ in our gold prediction today. It made low of 1237.50$ and bounced back. Currently prices are trading above our resistance of 1251$ which we mentioned in our today’s forecast. Now we are looking for 1257$ and 1263$ today. Trend reversal point for gold prices are 1266$.

Currently xauusd trend is in positive territory. Avoid any kind of sell for now.

Forex signals

Our forex signals subscribers enjoyed the day as well. We sold our two favorite fx pairs. We sold usd/jpy and usd/chf. Both are near targets. Here are our fx calls today.

Sell usd/jpy at 110.95 with stop loss of 111.26 for target of 110.50. We exited this at 110.53 and booked nearly 40 pips in this trade. We juiced approx $400 profit per lot from this trade.

Currently usd/jpy trading at 110.57, A good support on this major forex chart stands at 110.30, If traders break and sustain below this level. Then expect more pressure upto 110- 109.60 soon.

Forex chart july 03

Forex chart july 03

A good resistance on this major forex chart stands at 110.92, If traders break and sustain above our resistance. Then expect good rise in usd/jpy upto 111.30- 111.70.

Usd/Jpy trend is weak for now. Avoid major buy for now.

We have Usd/Chf sell too from 0.9941 and we are almost cashing 20 pips in this trade as well. We are waiting for usd/chf target.

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