Changes in 2023

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Its almost end of 2022 and we are entering in new year. Soon we will be in 2023. I wanted to convey some changes in our subscription plans and our signals method. Trading / Signal Setup Change We will be shifting from our old trading signals setup to a new one. Our old set up has 1:1 which usually gives 10-12$ gains in gold... more →
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Gold 2022 Closing Forecast

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Gold at December’s End 2022 Finally FOMC Chairman has cleared that he wants to control rising inflation even if economy doesn’t do any soft landing. Fed chairman cleared from his side that no matter what cost is he will bring inflation down by rising interest rate. He also suggested that Fed wont shy to accelerate... more →
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Gold Forecast 2022

gold forecast 2022
Gold Forecast & Prediction For 2022 Its almost 45 days into 2022 now and we have good data in hand to asses the gold price for 2022. We have 2 months NFP & Unemployment rate and FOMC tapering ending date with rate hike & two months inflation numbers numbers as well. Inflation Its been a bad 2 years for Fed as... more →
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Is Gold Ready to Fly ?

Gold analysis 2022
Gold Forecast Finally gold prices closed above 1815$ & gave a good hint of future movements. Last week FOMC chairman cleared that Fed will start tapering starting this month. Fed will taper start tapering from $15 billion. Tapering will be complete by June 2022. He also said Fed will adjust course according to economy and... more →
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Gold crushed by Excellent Job Numbers | Is It Over For Bulls

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Gold Bulls Gold prices crashed from 1832$ to test 1680$ in less than a week. If you have watched my weekly gold analysis on youtube channel. You must be knowing 1670$ was an extremely important support. ( watch video here ) Last week US posted excellent job numbers. Unemployment rate fell from 5.9% to 5.4% well below expectations... more →
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Is Gold Ripped For Higher Moves ?

Gold Forecast Gold prices crashed after making highs of 2075$ last year. This year gold tested 1670$ and bounced back after making a good double bottom. Currently gold price trading at 1780$. So are we ripped for new higher moves in upcoming weeks or we will crash again to test new lows in upcoming weeks ? Lets find out. Interestingly... more →
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Improving Unemployment Rate May Pressure Gold

Gold Trend US unemployment rate improved from 6.7% to 6.3% while corona virus cases surged ahead in last month. President Biden proposed $1.9 Trillion package and it seems he wont have any problem passing this stimulus package as democrats have good numbers now. Last week Trump impeachment trial started which resulted in acquittal.... more →
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US Job Numbers & Power Transition Will be Crucial for Gold

Power Transition & US Job Numbers Yesterday Trump supporters rioted in Washington DC & Entered in Capitol Hill Building illegally. Four rioters died while more than 50 injured. Trump supporters tried to enter in Capitol Hill to reverse Joe Biden win as House was about to certify Joe Biden’s Presidency. Trump supporters... more →
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Vaccine progress diffused gold buyers. Now what ?

Vaccine diffused gold buyers From August’s high of 2074$ spot gold price crashed till 1761$. A sweet 15% cut in gold price from August till November. Main reason behind this 15% cut is vaccine progress and continuous decline in jobless numbers around the world. Pfizer, Moderna, and many other pharmaceuticals have announced... more →
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Reverse claims may give shock to gold sellers

Rising Unemployment claims is concern I wrote an article last month when gold was trading around 1950$. I mentioned declining unemployment claims may cause gold decline. Gold price tested 1840$ after my article. A sweet 110$ crash from 1950$. Last week US unemployment claims rose from 845K previous to 898K. Forecast was 810K. Unemployment... more →
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