Gold continue to trade lower

Gold Spot gold price fired last Friday and hit all seller’s stop loss ( we didn’t had any position in gold last friday). Despite stable dollar gold buyers driven prices pretty higher. Many traders were holding shorts with 1192$ which hit last Friday and it gave a positive breakout on chart very same day. Currently Spot... more →
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Tariff kicks in US equity fall

Gold Spot gold price recovered yesterday as increased tariff on Chinese Goods kicks in from yesterday. 10% tariff on Chinese goods will go till 25% by 2019 and this is what market is worried about. Beijing didn’t retaliate yet but we should be seeing some statements from China very soon. DJIA Index fall from 26700 range till... more →
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Gold rise began part 2

Gold As stated in yesterday’s gold update gold rise began. Spot gold price did not updated any low and continuously updating highs. It broke major resistance of 1209$ in early morning session and currently spot trading at 1208.80$, Comex futures trading at 1213.50$. DJIA Index tradingat lifetime high and updating new highs... more →
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Gold positive in early trade

Gold Spot gold price trading slightly positive as it opened a on a positive note. Xauusd is on slight positive side as world equity markets are under pressure. According to bloomberg President Trump is about to impose some other tariffs on Chinese electrical items as well. Shanghai Composite Index is down more than 1% and even DJIA... more →
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Gold above 1200$ after our buy signal

Gold Spot gold price finally charged up as dollar index showed some profit booking from higher levels and tested above 1200$. Our buy signal initiated at 1196$ and we booked profit at 1204$ gaining almost 80 pips in gold trade. You may also get our gold signals in $99 for first month. Whatsapp at +91-9920315014 for details. Spot... more →
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Gold staying in narrow range

Gold Spot gold price trading in a narrow range since it opened this Monday. We are in 3rd trading session of this week and gold did not move anywhere and trading in a small range since Monday. Yesterday recovery came due to small dip in US stock market which we cashed. We booked more than 130 pips profit in DJIA index. Currently... more →
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Gold crashed below 1200$ as expected

Gold Spot gold price crashed yesterday and our subscribers enjoyed this crash. We gave sell at 1200.60$ and enjoyed till 1193$ fetching more than $700 profit in our gold signal. I even gave signal in our live chat room. You may also join it for free. Just click here Currently spot gold trading at 1192.40$ and Comex futures trading... more →
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Good US GDP numbers kept gold gains capped

Gold Spot price of gold trading at 1204$, Xauusd trading in 4-5$ since yesterday. Comex futures is fix at 1209.60$. We had a minor breakout to buy this yellow metal but good GDP numbers and higher US stock market capped gold gains yesterday. Nasdaq and S&P tested new lifetime highs while DJIA index traded above 26100 as well. Yesterday... more →
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Investors cautious to proceed Gold

Gold Spot price of gold tested 1214$ before crashing below 1200$. Good consumer numbers from US and higher DJIA Index is making investors cautious to proceed in gold at higher prices. Nasdaq trading at lifetime high. Spot gold trading at 1204.50$ while comex futures trading at 1210.50$. Yesterday major profit booking crashed xauusd... more →
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Buyer continued their support to Gold

Gold Spot price of gold continued testing upper levels. Buyers are pouring their support in yellow metal which is driving the prices up. Yesterday DJIA Index tested 26000 once again and still holding at 26070. Yesterday according to Bloomberg President Trump has reached an agreement with Mexico on tariff. Xauusd has recovered more... more →
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