Gold resistance 1242$

Gold As mentioned in yesterday’s gold forecast gold resistance stands at 1242$. Despite dow jones crashing more than 800 points yesterday gold could not cross the hurdle and now trading lower from highs. Dow Jones Index crashed as China and US released pretty different statement regarding their truce. US statement main highlight... more →
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Gold tested another low but bounced back

Gold Spot gold price took another dive as it tested 1210$ level yesterday. I already wrote yesterday in our report that I wont be surprise if market makes another low. Xauusd tested 1210$ from 1228$. We enjoyed this crash as our sell signal initiated at 1224$ for target of 1217$. Major weakness in gold was due to dollar index. USD... more →
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Gold price waiting fed meeting minutes ( Updated 06th July )

Update July 06th: Last night Fed meeting minutes signaled fed wont hike more interest rate and would remain on path of its inflation and interest rates. Technical levels remain same as precious metals trading in same range since yesterday. Just wait for today’s major data in evening. Non farm employment data would give more... more →
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Gold price higher after our buy signal

Gold price outlook Comex Gold price ( xauusd ) trading at 1260$, It made low of 1237.50$ and we updated a major support in gold prices at 1237$ in our yesterday’s gold report.  Xauusd could not break 1237$ and fired back with full power. We enjoyed this run as our gold signal initiated at 1246$ for target of 1254$ which achieved... more →
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Gold price drift lower, Crucial support now at 1237$

Gold Comex gold ( xauusd ) price trading lower again at 1240$, It drifted lower in morning and tested major support of 1238$. Market is not respecting any level and continuing free fall since it broke our major support of 1267$. Main crash came in xauusd after it broke our support of 1245$ which we updated yesterday in our gold prediction. Comex... more →
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Weak opening again in Gold this Monday

Gold Gold ( xauusd ) prices opened lower again. It closed above 1250$ last week but opened almost flat at 1251$. Comex Gold price live trading at 1248$. Again major reason of weakness in xauusd price is US dollar index. Currently trading at 94.42 almost up 0.18% from its last closing. USD Index is major reason of gold movement now.... more →
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Silver tested yearly low, Euro low too

Weekly Silver forecast Silver price ( xagusd ) tested yearly low of 15.92$ as previous low was 16$. This time US dollar index pushed precious metals really hard. Gold has broke 1250$ last week and suggested longer term bears has taken control of precious metals. Friday comex silver price tried to recover as it marched towards our... more →
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Gold at lowest this year, More weakness?

Gold forecast Gold price ( xauusd ) trading at 1252$ almost at lowest point of the year. US Dollar charged up yesterday again from 94 to 95. It tested almost 100 pips cycle in less than 24 hours which is a rare scenario for dollar. Currently dollar also trading at highest point of 2018 as it cruise past 95. Despite a desperate mild... more →
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Gold price downside not ruled out but are we selling?

Gold analysis Gold price ( xauusd ) broke our major support of 1261$ which we updated in our yesterday’s gold analysis. It broke below 1261$ and tested 1255$. Currently prices are trading at 1258$. It tried to break 1261$ and sustain above in evening session but could not sustain on higher levels. Gold rates melted due to... more →
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Gold price trading flat, Silver trend weak

Gold forecast Gold price ( xauusd ) trading flat since it opened. Yesterday it opened positive and tested near 1271$ but market could not sustain on higher levels and xauusd lost its gains in early session only. Despite good crash in equity market and dollar index, precious metals price are not showing any strength and testing new... more →
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