Gold crushed by equity markets

Gold Gold price could not sustain on higher levels and crushed by higher equity markets. Almost all over the world we seen higher stock market which put pressure in gold prices. Interesting fact about gold is this time dollar index did not push xauusd prices. Sellers took charge and sold this yellow metal hard. Silver was not effected... more →
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Gold signal target achieved 21st March 2019

Gold signal A good day for our Gold signal subscribers. I asked them to sell this precious metal today. Xauusd crashed from highs of 1320$. We enjoyed this bloodbath in gold prices as we are in sell today. This is what I wrote to my subscribers today. Sell gold at 1312$ with stop loss of 1319$ for target of 1305$. Xauusd crashed... more →
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Gold rising on bad equity markets

Gold Gold rising on bad equity markets. Dow Jones index crashed more than 500 points last night and closed near weakest point of the day. We enjoyed this crash as our dow jones subscribers more than 240 points profit last night. We made nearly $2400 profit per lot in dow jones alone last night. Investors shifting their stance from... more →
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Gold not sustaining above 1200$

Gold Spot gold price opened lower today and continuing its streak of trading below 1200$. Metals are not able to sustain at all. Traders are not showing any confidence in metals and continuously selling on rise. Bad Non farm payroll data could not jump start the gold movement and it was held back by good Unemployment rate. Despite... more →
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Gold fired on Italy conerns

Gold Gold finally fired after a long time and tested 1208$ last night. Xauusd fired from 1187$ to 1208$ as Italy’s economic concern is going through roof now. ECB is concern about Italy’s Fiscal budget which is not inclined according to ECB guidelines. Yesterday gold finally acted as save haven for investors. Yesterday... more →
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Gold continue to trade lower

Gold Spot gold price fired last Friday and hit all seller’s stop loss ( we didn’t had any position in gold last friday). Despite stable dollar gold buyers driven prices pretty higher. Many traders were holding shorts with 1192$ which hit last Friday and it gave a positive breakout on chart very same day. Currently Spot... more →
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Tariff kicks in US equity fall

Gold Spot gold price recovered yesterday as increased tariff on Chinese Goods kicks in from yesterday. 10% tariff on Chinese goods will go till 25% by 2019 and this is what market is worried about. Beijing didn’t retaliate yet but we should be seeing some statements from China very soon. DJIA Index fall from 26700 range till... more →
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Gold unable to break 1200$ ( 07th Sept update )

Gold Update 07th Sept: Levels are most likely same so i am not making any fresh post today. Just we have Non farm Unemployment data today. Watch out for that. This will decide the fate of precious metals next week. We dont have any change in resistance and support levels. Do not trade with big qty till evening. Spot gold price tested... more →
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Equity market now testing new lows in Gold

Gold Spot price of gold tested 1165$ yesterday in early morning session and yellow metal recovered from there till 1182$. In our yesterday’s gold report we mentioned resistance of 1182$, It could not break that hurdle and now trading at 1176$. Dollar Index is not moving anywhere since yesterday. Currently its roaming at 96.16... more →
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