Forex signals

A good day for our Forex signals subscribers. We asked them to sell eur/usd and buy usd/chf, usdjpy. All three fx signals rocked and our subscribers exited with profits. Here are our forex signals which we sent to our paid subscribers.

Sell eur/usd at 1.1480 with stop loss of 1.1512 for target of 1.1440.

We exited euro at 1.1454 and fetched nearly 27 pips in this trade.

Buy usd/chf at 0.9930 withstop loss of 0.9899 for target of 0.9972

We exited near cost at 0.9937 and made minimum profit in this trade.

Buy usd/jpy at 108.64 with stop loss at 108.34 for target of 108.99

We exited at 108.85 and made more than 20 pips in this trade.

We did not waited for target due to high volatility in market today.

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By marafat