Corona Virus impacted stocks & gold both

Corona Virus impact on gold & stock market Dow Jones ( DJIA ) Index tested 18900 levels this week after a high of nearly 30000 this year. This makes total correction of more than 30% in less than 2 months. Gold also crashed from 1700$ to 1450$. Dollar Index was also in free fall mode in first 2 weeks of march. Dollar recently... more →
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Gold crashed below our support

Gold Yesterday in my gold forecast I mentioned an important support of 1288$. Gold slipped through that support and crashed beautifully. I even recommended selling in video below 1288$. Gold is facing extreme pressure from sellers. Despite lower Dow Jones Index and Dollar it is not sustaining on higher levels. As said earlier market... more →
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December 2018 signals performance

Trading signals performance December 2018 Hello all, I am back with our monthly ritual. I could not made separate post for monthly performance due to hectic schedule. I have launched mcx calls service too from this month. Click here to subscribe for mcx calls. Click here for details performance of 2018 2017 signals performance... more →
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Gold under pressure as Dow Jones rise

Gold Gold prices are under pressure since Monday as Dow Jones Index is rising on good data. Good jobs data ensured that US economy is in very good shape. Unexpected burst in job numbers proved FOMC absolutely correct in their projection. Market was thinking Fed is being over confidence in US economy while raising interest... more →
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Good Jobs data dragged gold

Gold Good Non farm Employment data boosted Dow Jones Index by more than 700 points. Non farm numbers came way better than expectations which send dow jones on steroid. It gained more than 700 points within 4 hours. Good job numbers proved US economy is in much better place than some analysts are expecting. Job numbers dragged... more →
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Dow Jones weakness supporting Gold

Gold Spot gold price tested above 1292$ which was a major level for bulls and currently sustaining above 1292$. Dow Jones weakness supporting higher gold prices. Dow Jones Index crashed 600 points once again last night and sustaining below 23000. Weak manufacturing numbers and higher Unemployment claims built pressure in Dow... more →
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Higher Dow pressurized Gold

Gold Higher Dow Jones Index pressurized gold prices. Dow Jones Index recovered more than 1000 points after Christmas holiday. DJIA index marked one of the greatest day of all time when it clocked more than 1000 points gains in one trading session. Higher stock market resulted in dollar index gains. Dollar Index rise put pressure... more →
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Gold entered in bullish zone

Gold Spot gold fired last week as expected and we enjoyed this run. We were in buy most of the times as we sent two buy signal in gold. Xauusd closed on perfectly positive closing and now trding even higher at 1264$. Bad dow jones index is driving gold prices up. Investors concern about current trade war between US and China... more →
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Dow Jones crashed supported gold prices

Gold Last night Dow Jones Index crashed below 23000 and tested 23680 before closing near 23000. DJIA has lost more than 3000 points from its peak and continuing its downward journey. We have 6 trading days left this year and we assume DJIA closing near 23000. Then It would go down as a bad year despite testing 26000. Weaker... more →
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FOMC crashed Gold

Gold FOMC concluded its meeting and decided to raise interest rate by 0.25% as expected. But market was expecting dovish market outlook from Fed which did not happen. FOMC chairman Powell released statement after 1 hour of interest rate announcement. He said Fed will look to increase rate two times in 2019 instead three. This... more →
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