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A good day for Dow Jones & Forex signals subscribers. I asked them to sell wall street and sell my favorite currency pair ( usd/jpy ) today. Both crashed and our subscribers exited with good profits. Lets see my signals today.

Sell US30 at 25845 with stop loss of 25960 for target of 25720. Wall Street crashed my paid clients exited at 25720. We made around 120 pips in this trade. We fetched around $1200 profit per lot in this trade.

Sell usd/jpy 110.52 with stop loss of 110.86 for target of 110.10. Usd/Jpy crashed and we exited with more than 40 pips profit. We made around $400 profit per lot in this trade.

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Currently Dow Jones trading at 25680, A good base in US30 chart stands at 25570. If market break and sustain below 25570 then expect more pressure in Wall Street till 25450- 25300 today.

Good resistance in dow jones chart stands at 25820, If market break and sustain above 25820. Then expect good rise till 25900- 26000.

Conclusion: Dow Jones Index trend is weak for now. Avoid buying and look to sell on rise.

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By marafat