Dow Jones Index signal

A good day for our Dow Jones signals subscribers. I asked them to sell Wall Street today. It crashed almost vertically from our selling point and my paid subscribers booked at target. Lets see my today’s US30 signal

Sell Dow30 at 26230 with stop loss of 26350 for target of 26105

Dow Jones crashed vertically from our selling point and my paid subscribers booked nearly 125 pips profit in this trade. We made more than $1200 profit per lot in this trade

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Currently Dow Jones trading at 25900 almost lowest level of this week. Good support in US30 index stands at 25820. If market break and sustain below 25820. Then expect good pressure in wall street till 25700- 25600 today.

Resistance in Wall Street chart stands at 26040. If market break and sustain above 26040. Then expect good rise in DJIA index till 26180- 26400.

Conclusion: As said in today’s gold report more weakness not ruled out in DJIA Index. President Trump tariff tweet may have more pain for stock market around the world. So a trade with sell on rise would fit this market. Look to sell on every rise till our resistance is intact. Avoid buying in this market.

We may see more weakness in stock markets around the world this week. This could benefit precious metals specially gold. Keep an eye on gold and do not hold sell in precious metals. For silver & crude oil updates join my youtube channel by clicking here

By marafat