Gold wild move as US Iran situation escalates

Gold forecast Gold price fired from 1480$ to 1580$ in less than a week. Major move came from 1520$ to 1580$ when US killed one Irani Commander in an Air Strike. Gold price firing as middle east tensions rising. Iran situation escalated over weekend again when President Trump threaten to impose sanctions on Iraq. Iraq parliament passed... more →
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Market Holidays 2020

MCX Holidays in 2020   Sr.No Holidays Date Day Morning Session Evening Session* 1 New Year Day January 01, 2020 Wednesday Open Closed 2 Mahashivratri February 21, 2020 Friday Closed Open 3 Holi March 10, 2020 Tuesday Closed Open 4 Ram Navami April 02, 2020 Thursday Closed Open 5 Mahavir Jayanti April 06, 2020 Monday Closed Open 6 Good... more →
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U turn from US driving volatility in gold & dollar

Gold volatility Flip flop statements from US president causing high volatility and wild moves in gold & dollar index. Last week we had 2 contradict statements from President Trump. First he said he will think to deal with China in 2020 only that too after elections. This driven gold in higher gear and xauusd tested 1480-82$ zone. After... more →
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New lifetime high in Dow resulted in gold crash

Dow high resulted in gold crash Dow again tested lifetime high by posting a good healthy 28088 in today’s chart. Since last week DJIA index posting new lifetime highs which is resulting pressure in gold. due to nature of relation between equity market and gold , xauusd is in under lot of pressure despite giving breakouts on... more →
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Fed cut rate again to boost economy

Fed rate cut FOMC chairman announced another rate cut of 25 bps last night to boost US economy. This sent already strong dow jones to test even more higher levels. S&P hit new lifetime high & dow jones also hovering near lifetime high. Market was expecting fed will cut interest rate so there was no major surprise from rate... more →
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Brexit is making hard to trade in gold

Gold Brexit issue is still unsolved and every alternate day we are hearing some news or some rumors about this issue. Every single day we have this time when someone tweets  or says regarding brexit and market throws all technical levels into the dump and react on the news. Its been nearly two weeks we are seeing this constant coverage... more →
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Gold fired after buy signal yesterday

Gold Comex gold fired after our buy signal from 1498$. Our xauusd signal was in buy from 1498 for target of 1509$. We booked profit at 1507$. Disappointing numbers from US & weak dollar index fueled gold price yesterday. Dow Jones Index also participated after disappointing numbers from US. We also had Wallstreet sell signal... more →
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Gold crashed as market heads for a correction

Gold Comex gold crashing since last week after its peak of 1565$ in first week of September. Since first week of September comex gold is in corrective mode and it was a slow correction last week. Yesterday xauusd took nearly 30$ plunge and gave buyers a big shock as we had a good support around 1470$. Gold is in corrective mode and... more →
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Gold opened higher after good closing on Friday

Gold Comex Gold opened higher after good recovery from lows last Friday. Last week gold price moved from 1495$ to 1520$. Friday we seen good buying in gold following crash in Dow Jones. Interestingly I had given buy signal in gold at 1503$ which we booked at 1514$. We sold Wall Street as well at 26090 for target of 25970. Both signal... more →
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Attack on Saudi refinery disrupted market

Attack on Saudi Attack on Saudi oil refinery disrupted the market as it opened this week. Crude oil fired more than 15% from its last week’s closing. Gold & Silver also opened gap up. Dow Jones Index opened lower. Almost every market was effected by this attack and market reacted heavily on this news. It was later on the... more →
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