Weekly Gold forecast starting 18th Feb 2019


Last Friday we had one of rare scenario in some months when Dollar Index did not crash and gold price fired. Last Friday dollar index stayed firm while gold rallied almost 12-13$. Comex gold closed almost at highest point of the week signaling more steam ahead next week.

While US and China’s trade war talks are going great market which led to dow jones 500 points rallied last Friday. Market is still concern about outcome of trade war and negotiations.  Market is concern about conclusion of trade war which might lead for a worse effect on US trade deficit. Rising unemployment claims is also a concern for market.

We already seen Fed turned Dovish from Hawkish within a month. Till December Fed was very confident about US economy while in its January meeting they were not that confident. We will have last Fed meeting minutes next week which will give insight about what exactly happened and how Fed might react in upcoming days.

I have given Gold, Silver and Crude oil weekly trading levels in Video. If you do not speak hindi then you may watch levels in video as i typed all resistance and support.

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