Gold prices fired last Friday concerning about US and China Trade war. As said in weekly gold forecast, gold showed tremendous strength last friday. Despite flat dollar index gold fired and closed at highest point of the week.

Today Gold opened positive and trading almost at highest level of the day. Gold price is not stopping down and showing good positive trajectory. We should avoid short on these levels despite its over bought chart.

RSI indicating a sell here but I would advised against it because gold showing good strength on higher levels. Dow Jones also not stopping down and its a solid proof despite good equity market and stable dollar gold is showing strength.

Today we have US bank holiday due to President today. So evening volumes might drop which could increase volatility. So stay with strict stop loss in all positions and trade with cautious.

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Today’s levels i updated in video. Even If you do not speak hindi you wont face any problem understanding levels as i write it down in video.

By marafat