Gold fired our signals rocked May 24, 2018

Gold signal

As mentioned in our today’s gold forecast here that gold is looking for a rally. It did exactly what we wrote in our morning post. We advised our subscribers to go long in this major commodity. Rest we all know what happened. Here is what we advised our subscribers to trade today in gold.

Buy Gold at 1295$ with stoploss of 1287$ for target of 1302$. Xauusd fired with full gun and our subscribers exited at 1302$. We made approx 70 pips in this trade and juiced nearly 700$ profit per lot.

Currently prices are trading at 1305$, it has already crossed our resistance at 1302$. Now expecting 1311$- 1318$ in gold price. Read full gold forecast here

Forex signals

A good day for our Forex signals subscribers. We asked them to sell usd/jpy and usd/chf. Both forex pair crashed and our subscribers exited near our targets. Here are our forex signals which we gave to our subscribers today.

Sell usd/jpy at 109.44$ with stoploss of 109.76$ for target of 109.02$. Usd/Jpy crashed and made low below 109. Our subscribers exited at our target and we fetched more than 40 pips in this trade. We juiced nearly 400$ profit per lot in this fx trade.

Sell usd/chf at 0.9920 with stoploss of 0.9953 for target of 0.9880. Usd/Chf crashed and it made low near 0.9884. Our subscribers fetched nearly 35 pips in this trade and we made approx 350$ profit per lot.

Currently usd/chf is back at 0.9909, A good hurdle on this major forex pair stands at 0.9932. If traders take this resistance out and manage to sustain trade above our resistance. Then expect more highs in usd/chf upto 0.9960- 0.9999.

Usd/Jpy trading at 109.10, Resistance in this major forex pair stands at 109.50. If traders break this and manage to sustain trade above this hurdle. Then expect good recovery in usd/jpy upto 109.90- 110.30.

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