Gold Silver signals rocked 08th Feb 2019

Gold & Silver signals

A good day for our Gold & Silver signals subscribers. We asked them to buy both precious metals. Both fired and our subscribers exited near target. We did not wait for exact target as today is Friday and we avoided major closing volatility. I even hinted in today’s gold forecast that gold is positive. Read today’s analysis here

Buy Gold at 1309.20$ with stop loss of 1303 for target of 1317. We exited with nearly 50 pips profit at 1314.30. We made approx $500 profit per lot in this trade.

Buy Silver at 15.67$ with stop loss of 15.47$ for target of 15.90$. We exited at 15.87$ with around 100 pips profit in this trade. We made nearly $1000 profit per lot in silver trade.

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In my today’s video i suggested resistance at 1318$. ( Check video here ) . Now again market is resisting that level. So once market break and sustain above 1318$. Then expect 1326$- 1333$ soon.

Support in gold stands at 1308$. Once market break and sustain below 1308$. Then expect mild correction till 1301$- 1292$.

Silver resistance also stands at 16.05$, Above this resistance would drive market till 16.28$- 16.50$.

Silver support stands at 15.50$. Below this only market would show any weakness.

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