Gold Silver forecast for June 23rd 2015

Gold Forecast June 23rd 2015

Gold price trading lower today after our sell signal yesterday it crashed from 1195$ to 1181$ now , Its looking weak and once it break technical support of 1174$ today and manage to sustain below our support then expect gold price to correct upto 1165$ – 1152$ today

If gold price manage to click our technical resistance at 1192$ and manage to sustain above our resistance then expect gold price to fire in intraday trading session upto 1200$ – 1208$ today

Gold forecast conclusion : Gold trend is weak for now. Avoid major buying in this weak market.

Silver Forecast June 23rd 2015

Silver price trading flat at 16.05$ , silver did not like gold and its trading firm since yesterday so once silver prices click our technical support today at 15.80$ and manage to sustain below our support then expect silver to crack upto 15.60$ – 15.40$ today

If silver manage to click our resistance of 16.30$ and sustain then expect 16.55$ – 16.80$ in silver price

So should we buy silver as its holding against gold in weak market ?

Answer is no , avoid buy in silver as its trading flat but its trend is weak. Dollar Index is gaining so it will pressure precious metals more. Keep an eye on dollar to determine the major trend of xauusd and xagusd today.

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