signals forexgold signal change in 2023

Its almost end of 2022 and we are entering in new year. Soon we will be in 2023. I wanted to convey some changes in our subscription plans and our signals method.

Trading / Signal Setup Change

We will be shifting from our old trading signals setup to a new one. Our old set up has 1:1 which usually gives 10-12$ gains in gold and 30-40 cents in silver with 10-12$ stop loss and 30-40 cents. Now we will move to a new setup and will use new setup.

This new setup was in use for full 9 months and its giving good returns. So what to expect from new setup and what will be the change ?

1- New setup will use smaller or same SL as before ( 7 to 10$ in gold and 20-30 cents in silver )

2- New setup will not have TP ( Target profit ) level. Everything will be trail (except forex).

3- Depends on market we may have 2-3 entries a month or 7-8 entries a month.

4- We will hold most of the positions and will hold even near major data ( except FED )

5- Depends on market, there would be more trailing stops and exits in small losses than usual.

6- Positions will be holding for several days and could be carry forward over weekend as well.

7- It is possible to hit more stop loss in this setup. But as said earlier, most of the times stop loss would be smaller or same.

8- Some months we will trade 1 or 2 signals. It depends how well market is trending.

9- This signal strategy is a hybrid setup. It has stop loss of intraday setup and targets ( profits ) of positional.

10- This new trading strategy will enable most of traders to avoid giving too much brokerage.

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