Crude oil signals

A good day for our Crude oil signals and Mcx tips subscribers. I asked them to buy this major commodity today to both of them. Nymex & Mcx calls targets achieved. Our subscribers exited at our targets. Here is our trading calls on crude oil today.

Buy US Crude oil at 59.05$ with stop loss of 58.40$ for target of 59.80$. It fired and our subscribers exited at 59.80$. We juiced more than 70 pips in this trade and made nearly $700 profit per lot.

Buy Mcx crude oil at 4046 with stoploss of 4017 for target of 4090. We exited early as our mcx silver call target achieved which fetched us nearly 7k. So we cashed our profit early in mcx crude oil.

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Currently crude oil trading at 59.70$. As discussed in my today’s market update It has a resistance at 60.20$. Once traders break and manage to close above this level. Then expect good rise in this major commodity till 61$- 62$.

Support in crude oil chart stands at 58.80$. If traders break and sustain below 58.80$. Then expect good pressure and mild profit till 58$- 57.20$ very soon.

Conclusion: Crude oil trend is positive for now. Avoid major selling and look to buy in dips.

More will update to our paid subscribers.

By marafat