Crude oil signals

A good day for our Nymex Crude oil signals and Mcx tips subscribers. I gave them signal to buy this major commodity today. We exited at target and made profits. Lets see what signal they received today in crude oil.

Buy crude oil at 61.85$ with stop loss of 61.20$ for target of 62.60$. It fired and our subscribers exited at 62.60$. We made more than 70 pips in this trade and made over $700 profit per lot.

Buy mcx crude oil at 4352 with stop loss of 4313 for target of 4397. It fired and we exited at 4395. We made over 4000 rupees profit per lot in this trade.

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Currently Nymex crude oil trading at 62.70$. Good resistance in this major commodity stands at 63.30$. If traders break and sustain above 63.30$. Then expect good rise in crude oil today till 63.90$- 64.50$.

Support in crude oil chart stands at 62.20$. If market break and sustain below 62.20$. Then expect good pressure in this major commodity till 61.70$- 61$ today.

Conclusion: As said in my today’s youtube video, Trend is positive and look to buy in dips. Do not sell on any levels. Even if crude oil falls, look to buy and do not sell till market is sustaining above 59.80$.

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By marafat