Mcx gold levels

Gold future trading at 26570 after a small crack yesterday so today if mcx gold click our technical support today at 26500 and manage to sustain below our level then expect gold to correct upto 26400 – 26300

If mcx gold future click our resistance of 26730 and manage to sustain above our technical level then expect gold price to race upto 26880 – 27000 today

So should we buy mcx gold ?

Should we sell mcx gold ?

Mcx gold trend is weak so stay idle for now and wait for resistance and support to take contra call. Dollar Index is causing pressure in mcx & comex gold. Even usd/inr also contributing to weakness in precious metals. Avoid buying for now

Mcx silver levels

Mcx silver price trading at 36092 it crashed beautifully after our sell call yesterday and still its trading low , if mcx silver click our support of 35700 and sustain below this level then expect 35400 – 35100

If silver click our resistance of 36420 and sustain above this level then expect silver to test upto 36800 – 37100

Mcx silver trend is flat to negative for now so avoid any fresh selling. Try to sell on rise and make stop loss above today’s high. Intraday high is very important level and once market move above intraday high then expect good rise and we may see trend reversal as well.

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By marafat