Gold Forecast 24 June 2015

Gold price trading lower since yesterday it tried to spike when US data came below average but eventually it dragged down again and now trading at 1178$ remember a crucial support in gold price at 1174$ once it break this and manage to sustain below this then expect gold to correct upto 1165$ – 1156$

However Greece issue is almost solved so market giving a hard time to buyers as most investors prefer equity over gold when economy is good this is the second reason why gold prices trading in pressure since yesterday but if gold price click our resistance of 1190$ and sustain above this then expect a race upto 1199$ – 1208$ in short term

So should we sell gold as greece matter is almost solved ? or

should we buy gold as market has corrected almost 30$ from its peak and its time to buy ?

Well gold forecast conclusion is we would wait untill in gold as market is looking weak for now but fresh selling at this price is not recommended

Silver forecast 24 june 2015

Silver price trading lower since yesterday after our selling signal initiated at 16$ , it crashed beautifully from there and and tested lows near 15.75$ and currently its trading at 15.85$ , silver price need to break 15.70$ hurdle to resume its fresh downtrend , thereafter 15.50$ – 15.30$ on cards

If silver breaks our resistance at 16.05$ and sustain above this then 16.30$ – 16.55$ not ruled out

So should we buy silver with silver stoploss of support or should we sell silver with stoploss of resistance ?

Well silver forecast conclusion is , silver trend is weak but major selling not recommended till suppot is intact and avoid buy too

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By marafat