Gold Forecast

Gold price trading in same range approx at 1176$ while it dipped near 1170$ when US GDP numbers released and then again its back to normal tight range a small range which is very annoying and confusing to take trade either side , so now if gold price click our technical support today at 1165$ and sustain below this then expect 1155$ – 1145$ correction in price

If gold price manage to sustain above our resistance of 1182$ and sustain above this then expect a small rise upto 1190$ – 1199$ today

So should we buy gold as its holding on higher levels from its lows ?

or we should sell gold as its trading in same range since yesterday ?

well gold trend is flat to positive for now so levels should be watch before taking any trade in gold

Silver Forecast

Silver price trading higher than gold and its stronger than gold since yesterday , it did’nt even broke low when gold was making lows on US GDP numbers and it stayed firm since yesterday and now trading at 15.90$ , if silver price breaks our technical support today at 15.70$ and sustain below this then expect a correction in prices upto 15.50$ -15.30$

If silver click our resistance of 16.20$ and sustain above this resistance then expect some shine upto 16.50$ -16.80$

Should we buy silver now as its holding better than gold ?

or Should we use this rise to sell silver ?

well silver trend is better than gold no sell recommendation till it does’nt break 15.70$

More will update to our subscribers

By marafat