Gold Forecast

Comex gold price trading at 1174$ almost in same range since yesterday with no major breakout no major movement and its boring to death now , if gold price click our support of 1165$ and sustain below technical support today then expect 1158$ – 1148$ in gold

If gold price click our resistance of 1183$ and sustain above our resistance level then expect it to rise upto 1190$ – 1199$

So should we buy gold today ?

Should we sell gold today ?

Gold trend is flat so avoid any major trade till it re-gain any trend till then follow gold support resistance

Silver Forecast

Silver price ( Xagusd ) trading at 15.80$ almost in samr death range since yesterday with no breakout nothing , now if silver click our technical support at 15.50$ and sustain below this then expect correction upto 15.20$ – 15$

If silver prices click our resistance level at 16$ and sustain above this then expect upto 16.30$ – 16.55$ in prices

should we buy silver ? or

should we sell silver ?

No major trend in silver so avoid any bulk trading just follow support resistance level

More will update to gold silver signals subscribers

By marafat