Dow Jones signal

Good day today for our Dow Jones signals subscribers. We asked them to sell DJIA index today. It crashed beautifully and our subscribers enjoyed the profits. Here is our sell signal which we gave to our subscribers.

Sell US30 at 22805 with stop loss of 22830 for target of 22680. US30 crashed and our subscribers exited at our target. Our clients enjoyed our profit of nearly 120 pips and made around $1200 profit per lot in this trade.

Currently Dow jones trading at 22560. Good support in DJIA index stands at 22450. Once market break this base and sustain below 22450. Then expect more pressure till 22300- 22100 today.

Resistance in Dow 30 stands at 22720. Once market break and sustain above 22720. Then expect more firepower in DJIA index till 22850- 22980.

Currently Dow Jones Index trend is weak for now. Avoid major buying as market is looking weak.

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By marafat