Trading signals performance December 2018

Hello all, I am back with our monthly ritual. I could not made separate post for monthly performance due to hectic schedule. I have launched mcx calls service too from this month. Click here to subscribe for mcx calls.

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Lets dive into December 2018 performance and see which signals performed better last month.

Dow Jones outperformed entire package and delivered more than 470 pips. We made more than $4700 profit per lot in US30. Its an exceptionally great performance and clients enjoyed handsome profit in year end.

Crude oil signals came second and delivered more than 300 pips profit. Our clients made more than $3000 profit per lot in Crude oil. Another great profit in year end and kick start holidays.

Forex signals gave healthy result of more than 190 pips profit. Forex clients made more than $1900 profit per lot.

Gold signals delivered decent profit of nearly 85 pips and gold calls made more than $800 profit per lot last month.

Silver was around average as it made nearly 20 pips flat profit. We ended with $200 profit per lot which is just flat.

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By marafat