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A good day for our Mcx tips subscribers. I asked them to buy silver & crude oil today. Both commodity tips achieved targets and we booked profit on targets. Lets have a look what I wrote to my subscribers today.

mcx tips 25th april

As you can see we bought silver around 37400 and booked at 37630. We made more than 6000 rupees profit in this trade.

Crude oil we bought at 4628 around and booked at 4668. It made high just above our high and started crashing from highs. We made nearly 4000 profit per lot.

Total earning in Mcx tips are more than 10000 per lot.

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Currently crude oil trading at 4640. Good support now stands at 4618. If traders break and sustain below 4618. Then expect more pressure in this major commodity till 4580- 4540.

Resistance in crude oil stands at 4676. If market break and sustain above 4676. Then expect good rise in this commodity till 4706- 4751.

Silver trading in mcx at 37580. Resistance now stands at 37730. If traders break and sustain above 37730. Then expect good rise till 37980- 38190.

Support in this precious metal stands at 37350. If traders break and sustain below 37350. Then expect good pressure till 37200- 37000 soon.

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By marafat