Gold forecast

Gold did not break our technical support of 1138$ which we updated yesterday and it fired from 1146$ to 1166$ straight 20$ jump from its lowest point now its trading at 1162$ , certainly bulls seems in command for now and if gold price click our resistance of 1176$ and sustain above our resistance then expect gold to test upto 1184$ – 1191$ today

If gold price click our support of 1152$ and sustain below our technical support then expect a correction upto 1146$ – 1138$ and below 1138$ major panic start

Gold forecast conclusion : Gold trend is positive for now

Silver forecast

Silver fired almost 90 cents from its lowest point of 14.70$ it made high of 15.60$ , now trading at 15.40$ , if silver breaks our support of 15$ and sustain below our suppor then expect 14.70$ – 14.30$ today

If silver prices click our resistance of 15.80$ and sustain above our technical resistance today then expect silver to test upto 16$ – 16.30$

Silver forecast conclusion : Silver trend is positive for now

By marafat