Gold forecast

Gold prices  crashed after our sell signal yesterday and its still crashing as currently trading pretty low at 1150$ , we already said in our weekly gold prediction its looking weak , it cracked beautifully , now our main support at 1138$ which we already mentioned 4 days ago , if gold click this and sustain below this then expect a major cracker upto 1128$ – 1115$

If gold price click our resistance of 1166$ and sustain above our resistance then expect some buying upto 1180$ – 1190$ but remember gold is in bears hands for now

Gold forecast conclusion : Gold trend is weak and bears have upper hand for now so avoid any major buying and it cracked almost 25$ from its yesterday’s high so avoid fresh selling too

Silver forecast

Silver cracked vertically after our signal yesterday and already closed below our major weekly support which we updated in our weekly silver prediction , now if silver breaks our intra day support of 14.70$ and sustain below this level then expect 14.50$ – 14.20$

If silver prices click our technical resistance at 15.20$ and sustain above our major hurdle then expect some breather for buyer upto 15.50$ 15.80$ today

Silver forecast conclusion : Silver trend is weak for now

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By marafat