we are at war

Today early morning when people opened our blog they find our blog was down and later they were getting redirected to our competitor’s website and many of our loyal subscribers emailed me why its happening . When i opened blog’s control panel i find it was unaccessible as our enemy ( competition ) was already hacked in our database and they were re-directing our traffic to their website blog .

Later they re-directed our blog to an adult site and posted many offensive posts and literally spamed our blog with offensive material which resulted in a major crash in our database and our competitor were able to delete our whole data of 5 years , we had backup system which takes backup every week which they disabled it before hacking into our database so we lost almost all data of our 5 years posting .

We were able to retrieve some of our posts till 2013 but it was preventing us to update frequently .

After a lots of efforts from our Tech expert we were able to gain control and we are taking every step to strengthen our security which is very important as our competitors seems exhausted with our success .

Now we are at war with them and we will grow bigger than before Inshallah


Mohammad Arafat


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