Improving Unemployment Rate May Pressure Gold

Gold Trend US unemployment rate improved from 6.7% to 6.3% while corona virus cases surged ahead in last month. President Biden proposed $1.9 Trillion package and it seems he wont have any problem passing this stimulus package as democrats have good numbers now. Last week Trump impeachment trial started which resulted in acquittal.... more →
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Jobs number will be deciding factor for gold

Gold Comex gold trading in a tight range since it opened yesterday. We had a labor day holiday in US yesterday which restricted gold’s movements. This week we have Non farm payroll & Unemployment rate from US. These jobs numbers will be deciding factor for gold price in upcoming weeks. Later in week we have Fed chairman... more →
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Gold reversed from resistance level

Gold Gold price made high around 1360$ last friday before crashing nearly 30$ from highs and test 1338$. As discussed in my weekly analysis video here , Gold is unable to break and close 1370$ since 2016. Same resistance came in play last week and market reversed from highs of 1358-60$ zone and crashed nearly 28-30$ from its peak.... more →
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Gold fired after resistance

Gold Gold price fired back as market broke resistance of 1333$ which i mentioned earlier. Gold crashed yesterday as Mexico deal were a positive note for dollar index. However market did not hold well on lower levels and reverted back from lows. Comex xauusd took support near 1318$ and bounced back almost 20$ from yesterday’s... more →
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Gold dropped as tensions eased

Gold Gold price dropped as tensions eased between US & China. According to President Trump Mexico and US reached on an agreement regarding illegal immigrants. It means there wont be further tariffs on mexican goods as proposed by White house. There is no official announcement from White house as of now but we might see official... more →
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Forex, Gold signals targets achieved

Forex & Gold signals A good day for our Forex and Gold signals subscribers. We asked our clients to sell gold and buy usd/chf . Both trading calls achieved their target. Here is what we wrote to our subscribers today. Forex signal Buy Usd/Chf at 0.9695 with stop loss of 0.9564 for target of 0.9735. Usd/Chf fired and our subscribers... more →
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