Dollar Index and its effect on Gold Prices

Dollar Index Dollar Index is widely use term when we trade in Forex or Gold. Majority of traders don’t know what exactly USD Index is. Most of traders have a misconception is USD Index means price of dollar. It is partially true but USD Index is more than that. Dollar Index represents the value of US Dollar in terms of a basket... more →
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Gold continued selling, US Dollar up again

Gold Writing post at 5.47 am IST ( GMT+5.30). Spot gold price crashed further after making highs of near 1266$ in week’s beginning. Major selling is due to USD Index taking the lead. It even crossed our major resistance of 94.30 last night and currently cruising at 94.30. Spot gold prices are trying to settle near its major... more →
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Silver tested yearly low, Euro low too

Weekly Silver forecast Silver price ( xagusd ) tested yearly low of 15.92$ as previous low was 16$. This time US dollar index pushed precious metals really hard. Gold has broke 1250$ last week and suggested longer term bears has taken control of precious metals. Friday comex silver price tried to recover as it marched towards our... more →
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Positive crude oil, equities, USD Index

Weekly Crude oil analysis Crude oil price remained under pressure last week following OPEC directions. Market tested below 65$ and sustained there for a quite long time. Below 65$ sustain gave a fair idea to sell further as it was a good resistance on chart. But sometime even technical levels could confuse traders. Sustaining below... more →
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