Silver, Crude oil, Euro technical analysis May 31, 2018

Silver price analysis Comex silver price recovered from lows of 16.30$ and outperforming gold price since yesterday. As of now 4.36am IST prices are cruising at 16.49$. It has made high of 16.54$ and low of 16.47$ so far. Last night ADP non farm employment change came lower than expected which gave a kick to gold silver prices. Even... more →
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Gold Silver price forecast update 16th December 2016

Gold forecast Comex Gold ( xauusd ) price cut got deeper yesterday as market could not hold any support and tested 1123$ . Currently prices are trading at 1131$ . A good support on daily chart stands at 1118$ . If traders break this major base level and manage to sustain trade beneath our support today . Then expect gold prices to... more →
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Daily gold price forecast silver levels 04 december

Gold price forecast Gold prices fired yersterday after ECB chairman Mario’s speech . They further cut rate which was expected. But cut came deeper which was an unexpected move . Currently price trading at 1062$ . A good resistance on chart stands at 1071$ . If market manage to break this and sustain above our technical hurdle... more →
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daily gold forecast silver analysis 01 december

Gold forecast Gold price trading at 1071$ . Last night we took position in gold and initiated a buy signal . It fired with full power . Our trading signal initiated at 1061$ and our target met at 1069$ . Today chart shows a resistance at 1077$ . If market manage to break this and sustain above our intraday resistance then expect... more →
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