Gold 2022 Closing Forecast

gold forecast technical chart 2022
Gold at December’s End 2022 Finally FOMC Chairman has cleared that he wants to control rising inflation even if economy doesn’t do any soft landing. Fed chairman cleared from his side that no matter what cost is he will bring inflation down by rising interest rate. He also suggested that Fed wont shy to accelerate... more →
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Gold Forecast 2022

gold forecast 2022
Gold Forecast & Prediction For 2022 Its almost 45 days into 2022 now and we have good data in hand to asses the gold price for 2022. We have 2 months NFP & Unemployment rate and FOMC tapering ending date with rate hike & two months inflation numbers numbers as well. Inflation Its been a bad 2 years for Fed as... more →
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Is Gold Ready to Fly ?

Gold analysis 2022
Gold Forecast Finally gold prices closed above 1815$ & gave a good hint of future movements. Last week FOMC chairman cleared that Fed will start tapering starting this month. Fed will taper start tapering from $15 billion. Tapering will be complete by June 2022. He also said Fed will adjust course according to economy and... more →
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