Correction or Consolidation in Gold ?

Gold Comex gold crashed from 1535$ to 1495$ due to delayed tariffs by US. Last week White House informed that additional tariffs on $300 billion goods which were suppose to kick in from September will now come in effect from December. This simple move by Washington gave a good jump to Dow Jones Index which recovered nearly 600 points... more →
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Forex signal target achieved April 17, 2018

Forex signal A good day for our Forex signals subscribers, We asked them to sell our fx pair of usd/jpy last night. It crashed and our subscribers exited at our targets. Here is our trade advice. Sell usd/jpy at 107.26 with stoploss of 107.57 for target of 106.90. Usd/Jpy crashed and our subscribers more than 35 pips in this trade... more →
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