Fed quake crashed metals

Gold As stated in last gold update, Fed hawkish view might melt precious metals and it did. Yesterday gold price crashed from nearly 1200$ till 1184$ last night. We enjoyed this crash as our subscribers sold at 1196 and booked profit at 1189$. Even in silver our clients made more than 100 pips profit. Currently xauusd price trading... more →
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Market waiting for Fed

Gold Spot gold price trading at 1202$ slightly higher than yesterday but its trading in a small range since Monday. Traders are cautious as we have FOMC meet outcome tonight and we will see how Fed responds to rising tensions between US and China. Dollar Index is in slight decline since Monday and its favoring positive xauusd prices. Today... more →
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FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) FOMC ( Federal Open Market Committee) is policy making branch of Federal Reserve Bank of US. Usually this team meets 8 times in a year to analyse US economy, US Job markets and Capital markets and make decision based on their analysis. This decision is direct responsible of interest rate in United... more →
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