Gold Silver forecast today 06th july 2015

Gold forecast

So finally Greek people chose to not stay with eurozone and referendum result was a big no , After greece result gold opened higher and made high of 1175$ but since then it retracing back , Finance minister of Greece also just resigned and there are so much development which would take place today and tomorrow such as Germany statement , Imf statement and more , Many fundamental stuff are still pending so take positions accordingly , Technical levels for gold are here

If gold price click our technical support at 1155$ and sustain below this level then expect correction upto 1144$ – 1132$ today

If gold price click our technical resistance at 1178$ and sustain above this hurdle then expect a race upto 1188$ – 1199$ today

Gold forecast conclusion : Gold trend is not clear , many events from europe will take place today and tomorrow so avoid big positions in market

Silver forecast

Silver price made high at 15.80$ in early trading session and retraced back to 15.60$ range , now if silver click our technical resistance of 15.90$ and sustain above this level today then expect rise upto 16.20$ – 16.55$

If silver price click our support of 15.40$ and sustain below our support then expect a correct upto 15.20$ – 15$ today

Silver forecast : Silver trend is flat to positive for now

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