Gold price forecast

Gold trading higher today at 1123$ a good bull run since it crossed above 1104$ , now if gold price click our technical resistance at 1131$ and sustain above our resistance then expect gold to test upto 1141$ – 1149$ today

If gold click our technical support today at 1114$ and sustain below our major support then expect gold to correct upto 1104$ – 1094$ today

Gold forecast conclusion : Gold trend is up

Silver price forecast

Silver trading higher at 15.45$ it made high yesterday at 15.58$ , if silver prices click our support at 15.20$ and sustain below our technical support then expect silver to correct upto 15$ – 14.80$

If silver click our resistance at 15.70$ and sustain above our resistance then expect silver to fire upto 15.92$ – 16.20$ today

Silver forecast conclusion : Silver trend is flat to positive today

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By marafat