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As mentioned in our today’s gold forecast here. Market fired and its been a good day for our precious metals and Forex subscribers. We asked them to buy precious metals and sell our favorite fx pair of usd/jpy. All signals rocked our targets and we exited on our targets. Here is what we wrote to our subscribers today.

Buy Silver at 16.48$ with stoploss of 16.27$ for target of 16.72$. It fired and our subscribers minted nearly 120 pips in this trade and made approx 1200$ profit per lot.

Buy Gold at 1314$ with stoploss of 1307$ for target of 1322$. It zoomed past our target and our subscribers minted nearly 80 pips in this trade and made approx 800$ profit per lot.

Sell usd/jpy at 109.79 with stoploss of 110.09 for target of 109.30. Usd/Jpy crashed and our subscribers fetched approx 49 pips in this trade and made nearly 490$ profit per lot.

Precious metals ( Gold, Silver ) has turned positive and now looking for more gains. Follow our weekly levels which we mentioned in our weekly commodity newsletter. If you are not subscribed yet you may join us for free here

Precious metals firing as dollar index (DXY) is trading at lowest point of the day. It crashed from 92.80 to 92.20 now. A good base on dollar stands at 91.90, If traders break this and manage to sustain trade below our support. Then expect more pressure in greenback upto 91.60- 91.30 today.

A good hurdle on dollar index stands at 92.55, If traders take this hurdle out and manage to sustain trade above our resistance. Then expect new highs again upto 92.80- 93 and even more rise in dollar not ruled out.

For now dollar is looking weak so avoid any major buy in dollar.

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