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A good day for our comex gold , silver signals subscribers . We asked them to buy these precious metals today . Both fired and our subscribers exited at our targets . Here is what we wrote to our subscribers .

Buy Xau/Usd at 1346.50$ with stoploss of 1339.50$ for target of 1354.50$ . Xau/Usd fired and our subscribers minted nearly 70 pips in this trade and made approx 700$ profit per lot .

Buy Xag/Usd at 16.56$ with stoploss of 16.36$ for target of 16.79$ . Xag/Usd made beautiful high of 16.789 and we exited on high . We minted approx 115 pips in this trade and made nearly 1100$ profit per lot .

Currently gold price trading at 1354$ , read our full forecast for today’s trading session here

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By marafat