Gold price trend

Gold prices cracked yesterday and tested below 1140$ , now if gold price click our intraday gold support at 1127$ and sustain below our daily gold support today then expect gold to correct upto 1118$ – 1109$ today

If gold price click our technical resistance at 1148$ and sustain above our intraday gold resistance then expect gold prices to fire upto 1156$ – 1165$ today

Gold price trend conclusion : Gold trend is weak for now

Silver price trend

Silver price broke below 14.70$ and now trading at 14.55$ , a major support in silver at 14.35$ once market breaks and sustain below our intraday silver support then expect silver to correct upto 14.05$ – 13.80$ today

If silver prices click our intraday resistance at 14.81$ and sustain above our market resistance then expect silver to zoom upto 15.05$ – 15,31$ today

Silver price trend conclusion : Silver trend is weak for now

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By marafat