Gold signals

A good day for our Comex Gold signals subscribers and Mcx tips subscribers. As mentioned in today’s commodity update. Gold was looking positive since morning. We bought this precious metal in morning itself. Gold price fired and our subscribers ended their day with good profits. Lets have a look what gold signals we gave to our subscribers.

Buy Gold at 1327.80$ with stop loss of 1320.50$ for target of 1335$. Gold made high above our signal target. Our subscribers ended with more than 70 pips profit. We made nearly $700 profit in standard 100 oz lot in this trade.

Buy mcx gold at 33660 with stop loss of 33580 for target of 33780. Mcx gold fired and our subscribers booked more than 100 points in this mcx trade. We made more than 10000 ₹ per ot profit in this trade.

For signals and payment details

Whatsapp at +91-9920315014

Currently comex gold price trading at 1334.70$. Good support now stands at our buying point 1328$. Once traders break and sustain below this base. Then expect mild profit booking till 1320$- 1308$.

Resistance now stands in gold price at 1342$. Once traders break and sustain above 1342$. Then expect good rise till 1350$- 1355$.

We are in buy from 1302$in our positional signals which will launch in March.

More will update to our signals subscribers.

By marafat