Gold price sustaining on higher levels but maintaining a very tight range since yesterday. Despite good movement from dollar index gold price is trading in very small range. Last night dollar index made high above 96 but gold did not crash and sustained on higher levels.

Despite higher dollar gold is sustaining very well on higher levels which is a good sign for buyers. Even now gold is sustaining above 1328$ and trading way higher compare to dollar strength.

Market is still concern about trade war outcome next month. President Trump has delayed deadline to impose additional tariff on Chinese Goods. He tweeted he is delaying tariff as US & China are going in right direction to reach a conclusion.

Yesterday Dow Jones Index also tested above 26200 but it could not sustain on higher levels and gave a mild correction of 150 points. Currently Dow jones trading near critical level of 25980.

Good support in gold price stands at 1318$. Once market break and sustain below our support. Then expect good pressure in xauusd price till 1308$- 1300$.

Resistance in gold stands at 1338$. This is major hurdle for now in gold. Once market break and sustain above 1338$. Then expect good rise in xauusd till 1346$- 1350$.

For Silver & Crude oil levels watch my video below.  Here are things which i covered in following video.

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By marafat