Gold forecast

Gold price trading lower at 1165$ but since yesterday it moved just before 1-2 hour only that too only 5$ from 1170$ to 1165$ , today gold need to click 1155$ and sustain below our technical support then expect 1145$ – 1138$

If gold click our resistance of 1176$ and sustain above our technical level then expect gold to test upto 1182$ – 1190$

Gold forecast conclusion : Gold trend is flat to negative

Silver forecast

Silver price trading at 15.55$ trading almost at our support of 15.50$ if silver break that support and sustain below 15.50$ then expect 15.30$ – 15$

If silver price click our resistance of 15.80$ and sustain above our silver resistance then expect silver to race upto 16$ – 16.30$ today

Silver forecast conclusion : Silver trend is weak today

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By marafat