Gold outlook

Gold prices trading in a narrow range since yesterday it made high of 1133$ but it could not break our resistance at 1137-38$ , today levels remain same , if gold price click our technical resistance today at 1138$ and sustain above our major level then expect gold to fire upto 1144$ – 1151$ today

If gold price click our technical support at 1117$ and sustain below our gold support today then expect a correction upto 1108$ – 1100$ in gold today

Gold outlook conclusion : No major trend in gold so just follow technical levels

Silver outlook

Silver price trading at 14.65$ it gained pretty good compared to gold , now a resistance at 14.92$ once silver break this and sustain above our resistance then expect market to fire upto 15.10$ – 15.40$ today

If silver prices click our support at 14.30$ and sustain below our today’s silver support then expect correction upto 14.05$ – 13.80$ in silver today

Silver outlook conclusion : Silver trend is flat to positive for now

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By marafat